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The olive oils from Moulin Saint-Michel, Provence, France


Since 1744, the Moulin Saint-Michel in Mouriès, in the Valley of Baux-de-Provence, has been processing the harvest of the olive growers in the Alpilles, near the foothills of the Alps. Our family has been passionately involved in this region, this history and this noble trade for three generations. We carefully watch over the origin of the olives and, respecting ancestral techniques, store them in our lofts before bringing them to the heart of the mill where they are stripped, washed, and ground.

We then carry out a single cold pressing, always resulting in extra virgin quality. The oil is composed of the main varieties found in the Valley of Baux-de-Provence: the Grossane olive, the Salonenque, Verdale, Berruguette, and the Picholine, an ideal combination refining and elevating the flavours of the food with which it is used.

Every drop of this precious nectar contains a piece of our Provence, a piece of our heart and our passion.


Films about olive oil
Olive tree cultivation (5:41)

Olive oil production (4:49)

Olive oil tasting (4:36)

The whole film (15:06)

Preparations of Robert Lalleman (7:03)


The olive tree found its preferred soil and environment in the Valley of Baux-de-Provence a very long time ago. A tree of light, symbol of vitality and longevity, it has lived through the centuries, struggling against the wind and harsh weather. Marie Mauron recounts: “The accursed year of extreme cold in 1956, when all the trees in our orchards died, I saw the hardest men crying in front of blackened olive tree trunks, and three years later, softened when they saw new shoots - flames of hope - slowly sprouting from the trunks”.

The fruit spends the entire summer getting its nourishment from the sun. It ripens in the autumn and is picked when the wintry weather begins to make itself felt. Filled with the scents of our Alpilles foothills here in Provence, our olive unveils the full range of its fragrances, exalts the human taste buds, and simply makes our mouths sing.

This is certainly one of the reasons why the National Committee on Culinary Arts awarded the olive groves of the Valley of Baux-de-Provence the seal of quality as a “remarkable site for its taste” in 1995.

Huile A.O.C. Vallée des Baux-de-Provence
Valley of Baux-de-Provence controlled origin
(control of origin appellation)

Made from a variety of four olives: the Salonenque, the Berruguette, the Verdale and the Grossane. It is mellow and exquisite with delicate tones of small green fruit, Moulin Saint-Michel A.O.C. olive oil from the Valley of Baux-de-Provence is fragrant and exceptionally fine, bringing out all the best qualities of the dishes with which it is used.

Available in bottles of 25cl, 75cl and 50cl,
and in 3ltr. and 5ltr. bag-in-box.
Huile A.O.C. Provence
Provence controlled origin
(control of origin appellation)

Moulin Saint-Michel controlled origin Provençal olive oil is characterised by a herbaceous, raw artichoke taste. Its taste reveals itself on the palate through an intense fruity flavour and a moderate sharpness.

Available in bottles of 25cl, 75cl and 50cl,
and in 3ltr. and 5ltr. bag-in-box.

Huile Fruitée

The Fruitée olive oil from the Moulin Saint-Michel unveils its strong flavours with its initial pronounced fruity taste leaving a slightly fiery tang at the back of the mouth. It is ideal with raw vegetables and grilled fish.

Available in 25cl, 75cl and 50cl bottles,
and in 3ltr. and 5ltr. bag-in-box.

a Picho
100 % Picholine variety

A first quality, extra virgin olive oil derived solely from the grinding of the Picholine olive variety. It has a very distinctive luminous colour and its aroma is characteristic of an outburst of fresh herbs upon first perception. Its taste combines the vivacity and fieriness of the Picholine olive variety.

Available in 50cl bottles.

Two original packaging methods




La Gourde,
oil that travels everywhere

The Moulin Saint-Michel  created “La Gourde” to better protect the oil when it accompanies you on your worldly travels or just on a simple picnic.


50 cl La Gourde (aluminium bottle)
(AOC Vallée des Baux)



Bag-in-box, innovative and practical packaging

This packaging ensures good preservation and is easy to use.
It provides an effective barrier to direct sunlight and air, protecting the oil for several months.
In the course of its use the tap prevents air from entering and the bag retracts around the oil.
It is practical, light and easy to transport as well as having the advantage of being organic
as it is entirely recyclable.

3 ltr. Bag-in-box: available in Fruitée, AOC Provence and AOC Vallée des Baux
5 ltr. Bag-in-box: available in Fruitée, AOC Provence and AOC Vallée des Baux


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